Posted on 23rd February: We wanted to let you know that your pre-order shipment started it's journey from Korea on 23rd February. It takes 4-6 weeks to reach India. It should be shipped to you before the last pre-order shipping date(April 15th). We shall keep you posted.
 Update on 1st April: We just wanted to let you know that your pre-order shipment is currently on its final port call at Yangon Port before it reaches India. The transit time to India is normally 4-7 days. There may be some delay in the ship's departure from Yangon Port because of the curfew and anti-coup protests going on. This has caused a shortage of port workers who're needed to load and unload goods on and off the ship before it sets sail to India. We shall keep you posted on the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this unforeseen event.
 Update on 30th April: Good news! The ship carrying our shipment is cleared for departure to India soon. For more details, please check your inbox. We sent an update to your registered email address. If it's not in your primary folder, please check your spam and promotions folder.

 Update on 19th May: The pre-order shipments have reached India. The customs procedure to release the goods is underway. The process is slower than usual because of the strict Covid-19 control measures. Once the shipment is released, it will take around a week to reach Coral Beauty HQ and shipped within 2-3 working days. We shall notify you via email a few days in advance. Those who paid partial and wish to pay the final balance can do so before your pre-order is shipped. Details will be given in the email.

Do note that shipping may likely be impacted because of the lockdown especially in areas where total lockdown is implemented. In areas where partial lockdown is implemented, shipping may be impacted depending on the SOPs laid down by the local authorities. You can check the lockdown map here.

 Update on 12th June: We request you to kindly check your email for details. If it's not in your primary folder, please check your spam and promotions folder. In case it's not showing for you for some reason(example: if you're not subscribed to the newsletter), the email update is below:


As informed in our last email, your preorder shipment has arrived in India. However, due to the lockdown extension, it has not yet reached Coral HQ. We shall keep you posted.

To make up for it, we would like to upgrade you to a VIP member! Benefits include -

- A free black or white Korean KF94 mask in addition to the free gift already in your preorder. Colour will be given randomly.

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