Pre-order FAQs

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order placed for an item that is not yet available for purchase or not in stock at the moment. We have started accepting pre-orders by popular demand as customers often request to purchase in advance out-of stock products, popular products that get sold out fast or hard-to-find products. 

What are the benefits of pre-order?

  • You can buy the products at a discounted rate or get free gifts.
  • You can earn Coral points 2x your purchase amount.
  • You can request hard-to-find products that's not available in our inventory.

Can I place a pre-order at any time and how do I place it?

We take pre-orders at our own discretion. There is no fixed schedule for pre-orders at the moment. Whenever we're ready to take pre-orders, we will notify you and the pre-order checkout will be activated on the site.

Order process is the same as normal orders—add products to cart, input shipping details, choose payment method and checkout as usual.

How long does the pre-order event last?

Pre-order event lasts for 3-7 days. We cannot accept pre-orders after the event is closed.

Is COD available for pre-orders or do I have to pay in advance?

Pre-orders have to be paid either in full or partial to avoid fraudulent orders. Full COD is not available but if you choose partial payment, then the balance can be paid via COD. You can choose either full payment or partial payment of 50%.

What about discount?

Discount applies only on the initial payment whether it's full or partial. For example, the discount is 10% and your order total is ₹4000. If you choose full payment, you will get ₹400 off on your order. If you choose 50% partial payment, you will will get ₹200 off on your initial partial payment of ₹2000. The 10% discount is not applicable on the balance payment of ₹2000.

How long does it take to ship pre-orders and when will I receive it?

It takes about 5-6 weeks to ship pre-orders during normal times. However due to Covid-related air freight suspension, currently it takes about 8-9 weeks. Once dispatched, it takes 4-11 days for delivery depending on the pin code. In case of unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, elections, strike, bandh, natural disasters, global crisis etc, there may be a delay in the shipping schedule. 

Where is my pre-order? Why can't I track my pre-order?

Pre-order means an order that is placed in advance before the seller has the stock in their warehouse/store. So, unlike ready-to-ship orders which are shipped from within India, you can't track your pre-order until the product reaches our Indian warehouse. Tracking details will be provided after the order is packed and dispatched to the courier partner.

Due to Covid, shipping and delivery to certain pin codes may be delayed.



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