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  • We cannot honor requests to place order manually for you. All orders to be placed by customer via website only. 
  • We do not offer booking or pre-order service. What we do is take note of your product suggestions and try our best to stock it.
  • Asking for discounts or free gifts is generally not favored: 1)If we make a special discount for one customer, others might feel they are entitled to the same discount. 2)This customer might expect the same discount every time. 3)It wouldn't be fair to our other customers.
  • We do offer free samples with every order if and when available but all discounts and freebies shall be offered at our own discretion.
  • Please do not ask us to send you product pictures by Whatsapp because firstly that's a major inconvenience for us and secondly the sole purpose of this website is to facilitate and simplify the process of buying and selling, so please browse our products, read the descriptions and make an informed decision based on that. And if you need any assistance with products, feel free to contact us, we'd be most glad to help. 


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