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Gokujyun Premium Hyaluron Milky Emulsion (Milky Lotion) - 140ml - CORAL
Hada Labo

Gokujyun Premium Hyaluron Hydrating Milk - 140ml


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This milky emulsion is as light-weight as a lotion with the rich, moisture-locking power of a cream. The unique moisture-sealing technology forms a hydrating barrier that seals in moisture and keeps it from escaping.
The rich membrane locks in layers and layers of moisture like a face mask. It spreads smoothly and evenly across your skin without stickiness. 

This rich emulsion contains 5 types of hyaluronic acids–common, super, nanoscale, cationic and 3D hyaluronic acid to intensely lock in hydration and keep extremely dry skin moisturized.
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – Forms a layer of moisture retention barrier on your skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss.
Super HA – Twice the moisture retention capacity of HA. Locks in and retains a large volume of moisture inside the skin for super hydration.
Nano HA – Contains fine molecule size that penetrates deeper into your skin and provides moisture deep down into the inner skin layers.
Absorbent HA – HA with strong holding feature that allows the HA to stay longer on your skin, even after a heavy work out or a shower.
3D HA – Closely bound together HA that forms a 3D moisture net around the skin to provide superior and long-lasting moisture retention.

It also contains urea to lock in moisture and keep skin thoroughly hydrated longer.

Slightly acidic pH level, same as healthy skin.
Fragrance-free, colorant-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free (ethanol).

How to use

After preparing your skin with toner, essence etc, take an appropriate amount in your palm and gently apply over the whole face.


Water, glycerin, DPG, dimethicone, mineral oil, Cetyl alcohol, Toriechiruhekisanoin, squalane, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na (super hyaluronic acid), hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid hydrolysis (nano hyaluronic acid), hyaluronic acid hydroxypropyl trimonium (skin adsorption hyaluronic acid), hyaluronic acid cross polymer Na (3D hyaluronic acid), Aphanothece sacrum polysaccharide (confusion), Aku relay retaining clips polymer ammonium, palmitic acid, cetyl phosphoric acid, arginine, allantoin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, carbomer, EDTA -2Na, BG, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben

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